[GPRI] FW: Brief Report on our recent visit to Kenyan Greens

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Good news from Kenya.   The struggles of Green parties are everywhere.  But
we persevere.  

From:  Frank Habineza <habinef at yahoo.com>
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Date:  Thu, 26 Sep 2013 04:00:01 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject:  Brief Report on our recent visit to Kenyan Greens

Dear AGF Members

Despite all the security challenges that were going in Kenya both last week
and this week, we were able to conduct a planned visit to Nairobi on Sunday
(22/9) to Wednesday (25/9).

Our main objective was to see the way forward for the establishment of the
East African Greens Federation.

We had meetings with the Afrogreens Party of Kenya and the Mazingira Green
Party of Kenya ( started by the late Prof.Wangari Mathai).

After several meetings, we came to a conclusion that the Afrogreens Party of
Kenya join hands with Mazingira Green Party of Kenya-which recently
participated in the national elections and got 5 elected representatives in
different county councils. The Afrogreens Party also participated in the
elections but on the ticket of the Social Democratic Party, since they had
not yet secured their registration certificate.

The two parties will discus further details on how they will share duties
and responsibilities.

Given the fact that Mazingira Green Party of Kenya had applied to join AGF
but the application was placed under further investigations, we now think
that this process has reached the final investigation phase and that the
next AGF Executive meeting will take a final decision and allow Mazingira
Green Party of Kenya become a member.

We were also able to visit the Green Belt Movement and  also attended the
second commemoration of the late Prof.Wangari Mathai in Karura forest, where
the first lady of Kenya had been invited as the chief guest.

We also met with Kenya Young Greens representative and briefed them on the
new developments.

Meanwhile, we shall start the preparations of establishing the East African
Greens Federation, whose congress is scheduled for 8th and 9th November 2013
in Kigali, Rwanda.

I would like to once again express my sincere condolences to all our Kenyan
brothers and sisters and encourage them to remain strong in the fight
against terrorism.

Warm greetings from Kigali

                Dr.Frank HABINEZA,
 Founding President, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda
 President, African Greens Federation
 Executive Committee Member, Global Greens Coordination
Mob: +250 788 563 039
Email: fhabineza at africangreens.org


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