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I'm writing to invite you to a free event at Brown next Wednesday, about the
biggest threat to American democracy -- and how we can fix it.  It's
cosponsored by a number of great orgs, including mine: Demand Progress.

On Wednesday, join Nation maga zine DC correspondent/MSNBC contributor John
Nichols and renowned communications scholar Robert McChesney for a
discussion of their new book:

Dollarocracy: How the Money
and Media Election Complex Is
Destroying America 

When: 7:00pm Wednesday, October 2, 2013
Where: Smith-Buonanno Hall, Brown University, Room 106
95 Cushing St. (corner of Cushing and Brown)
Admission: FREE

When President Barack Obama was reelected, some pundits argued that, despite
unbridled campaign spending, here was proof that big money couldn¹t buy
elections. The exact opposite was the case. The 2012 election was a quantum
leap: it was America¹s first $10 billion election campaign. And it
solidified the power of a new class in American politics: the fabulously
wealthy individuals and corporations who are radically redefining our
politics in a way that, failing a dramatic intervention, signals the end of
our democracy. It is the world of Dollarocracy.
Event cosponsored by Brown Democracy Matters, DemandProgress.org, and RI
Progressive Democrats of America.

David Segal
Former RI State Rep and Providence City Councilman

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